Charles C. Calabrese, Jr.

Becky E. Hites, of Steel-lnsights, is a consummate professional. Her career path from analyst assistant, to banker, to strategist and merger/acquisition specialist, in her early years, created a great foundation for the birth of Steel-Insights. She is a leading global steel specialist, providing expert statistical and analytical information for future growth and opportunity for her client’s.

Steel-Insights’ meetings are informative, educational and thought provoking. Becky Hites is a great speaker, with excellent presentation materials.

In the years I have known Becky, she has proven to be a hard worker, with high energy and an insatiable appetite for the success of her clients. Her ability to maintain relationships is beyond her years.

In closing, I would recommend the services provided by Becky Hites and Steel-Insights to all.

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