Steel-Insights, LLC was founded in 2012 by Becky E. Hites, a former Wall Street executive with extensive metals industry experience, as a boutique consulting firm focused on providing highly specialized services to clients in the metals, mining and manufacturing industries.

The company was formed to assist executive management teams navigate the “noise of battle” by more effectively managing the abundant resources available today and harnessing those resources to explore thought provoking and penetrating issues in order to magnify the pivotal decisions required for the long-term success of their companies in arguably tough industries that must survive challenging cycles, i.e. training and empowering “submarine commanders”.

Miss Hites has worked on Wall Street focused on the manufacturing industry from many angles giving her a unique and multi-dimensional perspective:

Equity analyst at a regionally recognized brokerage firm owned by a Fortune 100 company;


Private M&A at a globally recognized engineering consulting group known for its developments in retail logistics and point-of-sale information capture systems;


Early-stage project finance with a German-based global bank;


Business plan development with a boutique NY investment bank;


Equity analysis at a major bank with a multi-year ranked Institutional Investor metals analyst; and


Managing partner doing global data management and consulting with steel industry guru Peter Marcus of World Steel Dynamics for a decade.


While at Robinson-Humphrey, the metals team was recognized for its expertise in forecasting earnings by the Wall Street Journal (which required accurate company cost modeling and industry price and volume forecasting).

Miss Hites has worked with teams that have arranged financing for consolidating businesses building on an established platform as well as valued and helped divest non-strategic pieces of mature businesses.  She has developed and reviewed countless business plans for management teams as well as public and private company boards, both in the USA and around the world.  Thus Steel-Insights™ is uniquely positioned to provide an unbiased analysis of a current situation and develop a multi-pronged strategy for achieving one’s goals.

In addition to the carbon steel industry, Miss Hites’ exposure has included analysis and valuation of companies in the aluminum, copper & gold, stainless & specialty steels, PET, paperboard packaging, consumer packaging, scrap yard, iron foundry, industrial ceramics, lighting systems, REITS, retail outlet malls, apartment complexes, apparel, retail, dialysis and consumer product manufacturing industries.