Jorge Caldeira

As a member of the advisory board for the MetCoke and EuroCoke conferences, we have invited Becky E Hites to participate as a panelist and keynote speaker. Is this the first time? No, whenever she can make it out of her busy schedule, we are more than happy to have her in.  It always add to the overall scope of the Conference.  There are more than one way to make one specific statement. Some people would do it under a formal manner but Becky does it in a very relaxed and enjoyable way that makes the audience happy to closely follow her words. Her presentations have always been insightful and thought provoking.  Her easy communication behavior makes side networking also insightful and allows for further strengthening the relationship amongst the attendants.  Having said that, and closing my eyes, I can recall her typical and recognizable laugh that tells everyone that she does enjoy what she is doing and openly shares this feeling with everybody.  Hope that Becky continues with the good work and be keen to join us whenever possible.

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