Autumn Barnes

Sims approached Becky on behalf of the BIR (Bureau of International Recycling) Ferrous Division and its World Recycling Convention because we not only needed her for her concise expertise on the steel and scrap markets, but to liven up the audience during an early morning session of a large convention. Once “class was in session” all of Becky’s “students” were fully engaged during the 1 hour presentation (no head down, phone reading here!). I am confident from the feedback and surveys taken that most participants left the room having a clearer understanding of the current market dynamics. Mission accomplished! Becky does extensive research and knows her clients and audience, thereby, perfecting her presentations. I found working with Becky E. Hites at Steel- Insights to be an absolute pleasure and professionally inspirational. I highly recommend to anyone in the steel business who need a higher level of precision; Steel- Insights is a true asset.

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